Executive Protection & Security Services

Executive Security Solutions offers the full range of protective services, from the discreet security driver through to full close protection details.

Our personnel are experienced in protecting high net worth individuals, their families and assets, we offer solutions which are tailored to suit the exacting requirement of each individual client, they include, language, lifestyle, budget and of course threat.

Our teams are highly trained and flexible in their approach, ensuring the security of your world.

We offer a range of professional security services from close protection, corporate security, residential security, event security, door supervision, security guards, monitoring and security consultancy services.

A primary focus for the company is to understand your business and security needs.

Through extensive operational experience, we have developed and refined methods, and are ready to implement the latest cutting-edge security solutions.

All tasks get well assessed, and security personnel are hand-picked and allocated accordingly, in order to provide the best possible standard of security service.

Executive Black Belt Program

The EBB Program trains executives how to protect themselves and their families. When an executive either requires more than just bodyguards or no bodyguards at all.

The Executive Black Belt Program® is a six section course specifically designed to teach invaluable real world self-defense skills giving you confidence and a sense of security no matter where you go. This course is designed to teach the civilian version of the self-defense tactics taught to special military and police organizations.

Our clients learn fast, effective real world techniques to get them and their families out of harms way!

These techniques are taught by Police, Military and other Law Enforcement agencies around the world! This is the most fun and effective reality based system of self-protection you will ever take! Our instructors are trained in hand to hand combat and close quarter battle techniques.

Executive Guarding

1-Security-1 recognizes that in today’s world organizations face an unprecedented level of threat from a bewildering number of sources. At the same time, the pressure on security spend has never been greater; the need to generate added value and quality is ever increasing, and rightly so.

1-Security-1 places the highest emphasis on quality management, our Manned Guards are Texas Dept. of Public Safety licensed and receive the highest level of in-house training and development, their performance is continually monitored to ensure our client’s expectations are met.

Executive Disaster Recovery

In dealing with the often sudden and disorienting impacts of natural disasters, effective preparation and planning are proven to pay off.  This is where an Executive Security Solutions Disaster Recovery Plan comes into its own.

Knowing how to prepare and best respond to an emergency situation is key for adequate collections care.  Water damage due to flooding and severe weather, fire, and earthquakes all pose potential risk to buildings and collections. Our Disaster Recovery Plan is prepared to your organizations individual needs; we are able to consult directly with your insurance company, local Fire & Police Service to ensure you receive maximum co-operation should an incident occur.

With an Executive Security Solutions Disaster Recovery Plan everyone has a role to play, your staff will receive training in responding to incidents in a safe and effective manner, the over riding goal is to preserve life and minimize your loss.