About 1-Security-1

Nolberto “J.R.” Frausto III – Security & Emergency Management Consultant

A Securitas team member of Dow Chemicals Emergency Services & Security group responsible for the planning, installation, management, and maintenance of site security systems and infrastructure. Area of operations maintained a weekday census of 8,000 to 10,000 active personnel. Areas of responsibility included TWIC and MARSEC regulated port operations areas.

As a Armed Nuclear Security Officer at South Texas Project “J.R.” was responsible for implementation of the South Texas Project Physical Security Plan. Maintain compliance with all site policies, procedures, and directives as required by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

An active reserve member of the Texas State Guard. A Military Emergency Management Specialist. NCO for Operation Lone Star. Operation Lone Star is the largest medical training exercise held annually in the US. In a 5 day span 40,000+ patients are given free medical at 5 different locations along the Texas/Mexico border. S6 Communications NCO. Core training focus on disaster planning, preparedness, and response training. Mass casualty training and mobile medical facility management. Incident Response to Terrorist Bombing (IRTB) Instructor. Prevention of & Response to Suicide Bombing Incidents (PRSBI) Instructor. Security NCO during field training exercises and deployments. WebEOC incident management system. Shelter Management Certifications – American Red Cross. FEMA NIMS Incident Command System Courses.

Operations officer for Visiting Nurse of Del Rio a home health care agency in West Texas. Planned and implemented expansion plan growing the company from 6 to 48 counties with over 1,500 active employees. VNDR provided both skilled and non-skilled home care services

Jason Wadley – Security Consultant & Executive Black Belt Master Instructor

Jason has trained in the martial arts for over 30 years. He teaches real world self-defense as well as sport and traditional martial arts. He has helped teach self-defense to military, law enforcement and civilian agencies for many years. He enjoys helping others learn more about self-protection techniques and skills. After 9/11 He took it upon himself to help provide classes and or protection to those who need these services. He formed Homeland Defense Tactics and the Executive Black Belt Program to help teach self-Protection skills to his clients.

Executive Black Belt Program

The Executive Black Belt Program® is a six section course specifically designed to teach invaluable real world self-defense skills giving you confidence and a sense of security no matter where you go. This course is designed to teach the civilian version of the self-defense tactics taught to special military and police organizations.

Our clients learn  fast, effective real world techniques to get them and their families out of harms way!

These techniques are taught by Police, Military and other Law Enforcement agencies around the world! This is the most fun and effective reality based system of self-protection you will ever take! Our instructors are trained in hand to hand combat and close quarters techniques. Our instructors also include some of the top in their fields of study!