Post Incident Recovery and Assessments

After an incident

  • Staff mental health evaluations and counseling. Staffers, patients, and visitors will develop some form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • Does the facility require repairs and maintenance?
  • Root Cause Analysis of the incident. Why did the incident happen? How can we prepare and prevent future incidents from occurring again?

Disaster Recovery and Mitigation

  • How will your facilities manage and prepare before, during, and after a disaster?
  • How quickly can your facility recover and open its doors?
  • How will you staff you facilities if your employees are personally affected by the disaster?

1-Security-1 can help your organization plan and prepare for disaster recovery. Our staff has provided disaster recover plans and onsite support services for healthcare facilities during Hurricane’s Katrina, Ike, and Sandy.

Plans included:

  • Power Restoration for Facilities via Generators
  • Food and Water Delivery for Facilities and Staff
  • Onsite Security Officers
  • Organizing Employees from Other Facilities to Temporarily Replace Affected Staff
  • Manage the repair and replacement of facilities and equipment