Medical Industry Security Consulting

Emergency-Room-security-002Having untrained medical staff with regards to security incident response is a recipe for disaster and exposes any organization to extreme liability even when competent security guards and surveillance equipment are present.

Healthcare facilities are some of the most active public places in our communities with most maintaining a 24/7 open-door policy. They are extremely vulnerable to criminal activity when left unprotected. Protection comes in four forms:

  • Security Personnel
  • Trained Employees
  • Security Equipment
  • Security Policies and Procedures

At a minimum, healthcare facilities should maintain well trained employees along with proper security policies and procedures. With effective training the safety and security of patients, visitors and personnel in the high patient volume environment of healthcare facilities can be managed and ensured.

What 1-SECURITY-1 Can Provide To Your Organization

1-Security-1 has the experience to handle the unique challenges of protecting patients, employees and property while maintaining privacy and continuity of care in an open environment healthcare system.  We work with all levels and sizes of healthcare organizations to build security programs that fit their specific needs, budgets, layouts, and security objectives.

Medical Facilities Security and Safety

We can provide your organization with the complete support and guidance for the security and safety of your patients, staff, visitors, and facilities.

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